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Application Of Essential Oils

Essential oils are liquid or oil extracts of plants in concentrated forms. They can be obtained through various processes and have the characteristic smell of the plant. The sections that are used to obtain the essential oils are from the rinds, barks, leaves and herbs of the plant.

The most common types of essential oils are; lavender, peppermint, tea tree, lemon, eucalyptus, orange, chamomile.
The way the essential oil can be applied to the body is by inhalation, ingestion or application on the skin. Using the oil through application is dependent on factors such as the desired effect and the condition to be treated or addressed by the oil.
Essential oils have a lot of health benefits tied to them which are in producing antibiotic and antimicrobial effects, they help in stress and anxiety, also in headaches and migraines and to help in sleep and insomnia.

The stress and anxiety reduction comes in when the person smells the aroma of the oil during aromatherapy or through being massaged using the oil.

The oils from peppermint, lavender and chamomile are associated with helping one to reduce the headache or migraine they might be having if it is applied on the skin or on the temple.

Sleep is an important part of our daily lives. One’s sleep is better improved through the use of essential oils such as lavender oil which can be smelled to help with this purpose.

When it comes to anti inflammatory properties, essential oils from oregano and thyme through research have been proven to help in diseases like colitis.

Treatment of infections of bacterial origin is now possible through the use of essential oils which have properties that help in targeting the bacteria.

Essential oils can also have applications in the cosmetic field and in making of insecticides, not only health wise.

An essential oil that is used to make insecticides, that is, lavender oil, has mosquito repelling effects which makes it very useful in homes.

For making cosmetics, essential oils can be used to make perfumes and beauty products through their good aroma and other properties.

The three factors one can look out for when choosing the perfect essential oil are purity, quality and reputation.
one can term an oil as pure when it does not have any additives to it or synthetic oils.

One can evaluate the quality of the oil by looking at the processes involved in its extraction and the chemicals added to it. Good quality essential oil is branded as such by having only distillation or mechanical extraction done to get it and also has no chemical added to it.

Reputation comes from buying the oil from recognized brands or stores known for high quality products.
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